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Individual singing lessons 

To me, the voice is perhaps the most fascinating of all instruments, as it is the only one, which is a fundamental part of our physical selves, and every single person's voice is entirely unique.


I have always enjoyed working with people, and it is extremely important to me to recognize my students as individuals and adjust my teaching to their personal needs. As well as learning and exploring new repertoire, my teaching focuses on the fundamental classical skills which lie at the heart of good singing in any genre: breath support management, creating resonance, sustaining the voice and performance training.


I have taught privately for many years, and since 2013 have been a vocal teacher for the University of Edinburgh. I teach students of all levels, from complete beginners to professional performers. I have great deal of experience in both performing and teaching music of many different styles, including opera, 19th century song cycles, contemporary Classical music, Pop and Jazz.

Background and training 

Student's  opinions 

I have enjoyed making music with my voice for as long as I can remember. Although I have principally trained as a classical singer, many years of exploring different genres of vocal music have made me extremely comfortable with both performing and teaching many of the varied styles of singing that exist, from Classical to Pop, Jazz and film music engagements.


I began my Classical vocal training at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wrocław, Poland (graduating with High Distinction), before taking a Masters diploma in singing and vocal performance at the Hochschule für Musik Köln in Cologne. I then continued my studies in Cologne by undertaking further training, receiving the Konzertexam (Ph.D. equivalent) in 2006.


Since then, I have performed all over the world as a soloist with a number of operatic companies and chamber ensembles. I have an extremely broad repertoire, and enjoy performing a diverse selection of different types of works. I have also performed in numerous renowned festivals such as Berlin International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Salzburg International Festival and Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Magdalena has a genuine gift for teaching good vocal technique, developing artistry and nurturing a deep love of music in her pupils. As a teacher, she is patient, versatile and attentive to detail, being at home in both classical and popular genres. She is a delightful person, establishing great rapport with her pupils, raising their self-esteem and putting them at ease while always ensuring that lesson time is used efficiently. An excellent singer herself, she is able to draw on a wealth of performing experience and artistic talent to inspire and educate her pupils. Since commencing lessons with her my own singing has improved considerably, I have gained places in such ensembles as NYCoS and the Reid Consort and I have grown to enjoy singing more than ever before. I can strongly recommend Magdalena as a singing teacher.



Student of the Edinburgh University Music Department 

Choosing the right singing teacher is such an important decision when thinking about singing lessons. I am happy to say that finally after many years I found the right singing teacher. Magdalena's knowledge, experience and fantastic personality gave me confidence, brought me amazing results but most importantly showed me how fun and relaxing it could be learn how to sing. She showed me a world where everything is possible. I always learn something new and exciting on her lessons. Very proud to be her student!



Member of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus


As a yoga teacher, one of the reasons I started taking singing lessons from Magdalena was to improve tone of voice for any sound/vibration work in my teaching.  During the first lessons I had, I realised from Magdalena's advise and instruction that right approaches to voice and body/soul opening were close to each other - to the point of being identical in parts.  Examples include: 'The tone makes the space', 'The voice should stay connected to and rooted in the core of the body', 'Sing as if surprised such that space finds its way between the cells of the whole body', and 'The Master lies within'.

So let me reflect such sentiment back to a musical teacher; for other than bringing out clear vocal expansion and improvement, I can say that Magdalena's teaching has opened significant new doors in the action and understanding of my own yoga teaching and practice.





Magdalena managed to improve my singing from the basics. We work mainly on technique and this has widened my range by five semitones in the high end. She can help you with any genre of singing from jazz to opera arias. She is incredibly approachable and easy to work with and comes to support you at any and all public performances you have.


Student of the Edinburgh University Music Department


Magdalena was my first voice teacher and I could not have been more fortunate in having her. Not only does she have the voice of angel, she is a very skilled teacher and a great cheerleader. Everyone around me noted how not only my voice skills improved, but also my self-confidence. I can not give her too high praise!


Magda is a fantastic singing teacher and had helped me greatly. I arrived musically shy, and uncertain of what I could get from the lessons or whether I’d be able to ever sing in tune! Her patient, understanding approach has helped me a great deal. Somehow Magda manages to merge theory, fun exercises and even my own material into the learning process. I feel I have improved greatly and really enjoyed myself at the same time. I am looking forward to learning more and would highly recommend her.

Happiness in every note,



Magdalena ist seit 3 Jahren meine Gesangslehrerin und hat regelrechte Wunder mit meiner Stimme vollbracht. Sie hat mir die richtige Gesangstechnik beigebracht und hat es geschafft, dass sich mein Stimmumfang von einem sehr tiefen Alt zu fast Mezzosopran ausgedehnt hat, und ich mit Hilfe der korrekten Technik mühelos hohe Töne singen kann. Magdalena hat eine wunderbare, intuitive Unterrichtsmethode, die ganz auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse der Studenten eingeht und die auch dabei hilft, öffentliche Auftritte vorzubereiten. 


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